Zero Tolerance crackdowns and harm minimisation have mutually exclusive goals

Stephanie Tzanetis from Dancewize provides a comprehensive critique of the Herald Sun’s ‘exclusive story’ regarding speculation that the Victorian government will take a ‘zero tolerance’ approach at festivals which would allow police new search powers. She highlights the legal aspects of how such a change in law might be implemented and how this is incongruous with Australia’s Harm Minimisation policy Continue Reading


What is ‘success’ in drug rehab? Programs need more than just anecdotes to prove they work

Dr Bright & Dr Lee comment an an episode of Australian Story that portrayed a wonderful story of redemption, with a person who was deeply involved in drugs establishing a private rehabilitation centre. As the story did not interview any AOD treatment experts, it served as an advertorial for the clinic. Bright & Lee note that the clinic did not appear to be based on best practice and that without any government regulation there is no monitoring of private services. Continue Reading